Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Look Back At Our Rock Garden

April is Spring time here in Southern Ontario and the Forsythias are blooming!  It`s Mother natures way of telling us that it`s time to open and clean up our garden beds. That indeed is what we will be doing today in our Rock Garden. But first, here are some pics from our Rock Garden that we built last year.

This was the spot we decided to create our Rock Garden in. Initially there were no lilac shrubs along the left side and as well the space was all grass. It was a very long, very physical job removing the grass down to root and levelling out the soil, then transplanting the lilacs into place. That alone took a whole day to get done!

Using landscape fabric, we mapped out the layout of the garden beds and walkways. We also incorporated a water feature into the garden, hence the black crate (Aquablock).  We also mixed our own combination of fresh soil using black earth and Cocopeat or Coir Mulch. We truly love the Coir Mulch products because it adds so much moisture  and nutrients to the soil mixture.

About to place the Mr. Moai statue and stepping stones down
Stepping stones and plants in place

Once we knew the layout, we placed down the stepping stones on stone dust and 3/4 inch gravel.  We also covered the walkway with riverstone and planted our perrenials and roses.  Then we topped it off with black cedar mulch.

So here is the finished product - Our Rock Garden!

We added decorative stones on top as well as a concrete bench

Inukshuk statue (made by Miss Tam) replaced our awesome Moai statue - read story below.
Luna enjoying the Rock Garden

The Story of the Lost Mr. Moai

The moai statue seen in the first few pics of our Rock garden project was a birthdaty gift to Miss Tam from our mom.  The moai is a symbol amongst many that represents our homeland of Chile so it was a very special addition to the garden. But unfortunately one Sunday night Mr. Moai dissapeared to the astonishment of us all! We couldn't fathom who would have the strength and gumption to carry off a 80 pound statue and so we prefer to think that Mr. Moai wanted to visit Chile one last time and has just never come back.  And so in place of him, Miss Tam formed a small homage to our other homeland Canada - the Inukshuk; a timeless symbol of Canada and friendship. 

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  1. Fabulous job!!! This takes me back to my professional gardening days. There is no feeling like taking a blank canvas and by day's end having a beautiful garden. You ladies outdid yourselves!