Saturday, 31 March 2012

Daytripping in Goderich with Special Guests Alaina and Luna

Once in a while we find ourselves in a fantastic situation where we both have the day off work.  Earlier this month (March) this is indeed what happened. And so what does one do on a day off?

We picked up our niece Alaina, grabbed Luna, packed a light lunch and headed to Goderich!

Goderich is a small town in Ontario located on the eastern shore of Lake Huron. It has about 7,521 people and it's one of the best places to view the setting sun. It's cute, full of nature and of course has great views of beautiful Lake Huron.

Unfortunately we didn't get any sun the whole day, but we had a great time nonetheless. There was something a little mystical about it with the encroaching fog and remnants of snow.

We started off our day at the playground going crazy on the monkey bars and swings.

After a couple of hours at the playground we made our way down the steep trail towards the water.   Working on our stone skipping skills and finding fossils.

Alaina fell in love with this rock.
Luna watching the stones skip.

We found so many fossils on this part of the beach, it was crazy!

We had a great time and didn't even see all that Goderich had to offer. We're definately coming back when it gets warmer. :)

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