Friday, 6 April 2012

Luna's Dog Modelling Day

Throughout our posts you may have noticed a little friend who appears in some of our photos - Luna.
This wiener dog is definitely a special edition to our family. Always looking to play or lounge on our laps, she has grown into having a bit of a princess/diva complex.  And in line with that very sentiment we wanted to share a truly special day we had with Luna earlier in March.  It began one lazy Saturday morning when a random opportunity presented itself via a community radio station. We heard about a non profit fashion show that was being held and that they were conducting tryouts for a spot on the cat walk.  So we figured we'd give Luna a shot at the big leagues :) 

It was being held by The K-W Humane Society and Ren`s Pet Depot. We found out that it was an annual fundraiser called On the "On The Cat Walk" Fashion Show which put together fashions for not just people, but for dogs as well.

So we decided to take Luna to the Top Dog qualifying tryouts and see if she would be chosen as one of the top 10 dogs for their model search. To our surprise Luna not only qualified but she actually received the best score!

Way to make us proud Luna!

Keep in mind that Luna had never been involved in any big events before. She lives a humble life at home where she enjoys the comfort of simple things like sunbathing, driving, and playing DS Light.  And so once we arrived at the venue for the fashion show and saw how grand the event truly was, we were a bit worried about her abilities to perform under that kind of pressure.
We never know quite where she is headed

Luna always lounges on sunny days

Luna getting fitted for the show

 The event was beautifully decorated and packed full of dog and fashion lovers. It was so much more than we expected and it truly makes us aware of how hard the volunteers from organizations like The Humane Society work. We will definitely be participating next year as well! 

And so how did Luna do?  See if you can spot her 3 seconds of fame in the video below :)

Well for now we can not get the video uploaded.  Check back later to see it.  OR
Click on link below to view it.

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