Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Fun Find from A Fellow Blogger

Blogging truly is a fantastic way to explore procjcts and ideas from all over the globe, and today we were fortunate enough to stumble upon a terrific blog called Little Birdie Secrets.  The blog is run by two friends who post about crafts, sewing, tips and tutorials for many projecs that interest us. For one of their latest posts called Festive Cookies, they tell of how a friend had brought them beautifully decorated cookies and how they were made using a simple icing embroidery design technique.
They linked a turotial on how to make these amazing cookies.  We watched in awe as the tutorial demonstated the true simplicity of this particular technique...using a paint brush! Who knew:)  Here is that very tutorial:


We are so glad that we came across this tutorial and many others like it because it has inspired an exciting idea for our 2012 March b-day cake project. 

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